Video: The loudspeakers are real.

Re: the first few paragraphs of Ghost Stories #3: Prospector, I took a short video just after the music started to play from the loudspeakers in my village this morning. The sounds in real life are much louder than the ones in the video would have you believe, so I suggest cranking up the volume a bit.

My apologies for starting the video a little late and missing the Microsoft Windows sounds that preceded today’s music and announcement. I thought those were a nice touch. Alas…

Our banana trees have seen better days, but we have another just to the left of where the camera’s pointing that bore fruit a week or two ago. The bananas were delicious on their own, but I paired one of mine with peanut butter to form a pretty perfect union of deliciousness.

Peanut butter misses you, banana. Come back soon.