Open Thread 4: Even More Thanksgivinger Edition

If you read the previous open thread, you may have wondered what it had to do with Thanksgiving. And that would have been a fair thing to wonder. The Thanksgiving connection in my mind was this: If your Thanksgiving gatherings tend to include political arguments (which mine never have), maybe it would be more constructive to meditate on bigger-picture democracy and your own positions (or Aristotle's) instead. Or if you do have those disagreements, maybe they could be had through the lens of improving your views, discovering the weak spots, putting those in your pocket to take off somewhere later and contemplate in solitude. Just a thought, though. Not a shove.

Here's one last Thanksgiving thing that is more directly related to gratitude: negative visualization. I've written about negative visualization before. But this basic 5-minute tutorial might provide a straighter path to the point. Description and video below.

We often take for granted the things that matter most to us. Family, relationships, hobbies, work, sight, sound, and so on. In this video, philosophy professor and Stoic expert William Irvine explains a simple technique you can practice every day to increase your gratitude and thoughtfulness in life.

As always, I invite you to share your thoughts on negative visualization, other gratitude practices, etc. below.