Open Thread 2

This is from today's Daily Meditation on the Waking Up app. I won't make a habit of sharing parts of these as discussion prompts. If it's a path you want to follow, you can do so here. (I can also send you a link to try seven days for free.)

As you go about your day today, you might try an exercise. You know that you'll confront many things that annoy you, that cause you anxiety. You'll see many things online about which you have a strong feeling of judgment. As a frame for the rest of the day, see if you can just decide in advance to dial down your reaction to all of that. Dial it down to 50%. Be 50% less reactive, less perturbed, less judgmental. Just see if you can decide to do that, and see if it has an effect.

I don't know about you, but anxiety is a regular in my life. And I think most of us are quick to judgment. I also think most people have a tendency and incentive to lock into judgments already made. And well, I think that creates all kinds of problems. So I would be pleased to know that a few more people were joining me in trying to dial their reactions down. If you try it, or have already tried it, let me know how it goes. Did you find the exercise valuable?