What is Think List?

Think List is a catalog of things worth thinking more about. Most of those things examine life in a mind and society. But this structure sometimes collapses.

Think List supports (a) freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression; (b) good ideas and explanations shared in good faith; (c) viewpoint diversity; (d) mercy, kindness, and compassion; (e) humor, humanity, and humility; (f) mindfulness, morality, and nuance.

Can I write for Think List?

Yes. Read the above carefully. Then send your good idea(s) here.

Who’s behind Think List?

My name is Brian Leli. I’m a writer and teacher from the American Midwest. I have an MA in international journalism and a hankering to figure out what’s going on between my ears and the ears of others. I live in northern Thailand.

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